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  • TiCu Clad®
    TiCu Clad®
    made by using compound extrusion presses
  • Higher demands -
    Higher demands -
    higher quality
  • Longer services life
    Longer services life
    with IN-Electrodes
  • TiCu Clad® ProStrong
    TiCu Clad® ProStrong
    meets very high demands
  • TiCu Clad®
    TiCu Clad®
    Over 30 years of experience
  • World leader
    World leader
    in the production of electrodes for roll texturing machines.
Our core competence is the treatment, the consulting and the sales of titanium clad copper busbars  (TiCu Clad®) for the electrochemistry / galvanizing industry.

Since more than 30 years we have experience in the production of titanium cladded copper bars by compound extrusion. This technique was co-developed by us and perfected. It guarantees
an optimal metallurgical bondage between copper core and titanium mantle (TiCu Clad®).

We're the world leader in the production of electrodes for roll texturing machines- EDT (Electro Discharge Texturing) machines. 

Over 30 years of experience.

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Udo Plante GmbH is among the world leaders in the production of electrodes for roll texturing machines.


TiCu Clad ®

TiCu Clad® – titanium Clad bars are made by using compound extrusion presses which ensures an optimal metallurgical bond between the copper core and the titanium coating.



In our training session we demonstrate the possible appications of titanium clad copper.

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