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Udo Plante GmbH supplies hollow copper profile electrodes for EDT machines made
by Herkules, Kleinknecht and Waldrich Siegen in any required length.

The Product Range

E-Cu / SE-Cu / OF-Cu

For normal applications the electrodes for EDT machines are made of E-Cu material.

In the case of highly sensitive texturing processes it may make sense or even be imperative to use higher quality materials such as SE-Cu or OF-Cu.

3 Performance Grade

Udo Plante GmbH meets these requirements with a range of 3 performance grades depending on the sensitivity of the EDT process and the quality demanded by the customer.

  • Standard Perfomance 1 CE
    1 CE electrodes consist of electrolytically refined, oxygen-containing copper with a high conductivity of at least 57 m/Ω mm2.
  • Advanced Performance 2 CE
    2 CE electrodes consist of high purity deoxidized copper with a low residual phosphorous content and a high conductivity of at least 58 m/Ω mm2.
  • High Performance 3 CE
    3 CE electrodes consist of high purity, non-deoxidized, oxygen-free copper that contains no elements that can be vacuumvaporized and has a high conductivity of up to 59 m/Ω mm2
Higher demands –higher quality

In normal applications the standard performance electrodes are sufficient for the EDT machines.
The utilization of higher quality electrodes is required in highly sensitive texturing processes.


There are two different types of sealants to choose from for the hollow copper profile electrodes:

  • CE1 attachable NB rubber multi-use sealants
  • CE2 firmly bonded polyurethane sealants
  • CE0 no sealants

CE Electrodes
CE0 no sealants
CE1 attachable NB rubber multi-use sealants
CE1 plug-in NB reusable rubber seal
CE2 firmly bonded polyurethane sealants
Types of sealants for CE Electrodes


Elektrode Lengths

Hollow copper profile electrodes can be supplied in all the lengths required for Waldrich Siegen EDT machines.

Standard lengths are 100 mm, 130 mm and 150 mm.